Each piece of wood tells a story, so here is ours -

Founded in 2020 in South Africa during the time people needed the outdoors the most Philip and Verona embarked on an adventure with a purpose to bring the outdoors, indoors.

Woodish, inspired by the great outdoors - the ultimate teller of time combines adventure and fashion which allows you to bring the great outdoors on every journey you take. Crafted with recycled and reclaimed wood, Woodish produces clean and modern pieces while continuously on a dedicated mission to provide sustainable fashion.   

At Woodish, we believe quality and craftsmanship matter, but with sustainability in mind. All our wooden watches and sunglasses are made of reclaimed and recycled lumber, maple, bamboo, and sandalwood. Allowing us to retain the beauty of these woods, our crafters preserve the natural patterns that have been engrained into each piece; therefore, no two designs are alike.

Woodish embodies the stories of each of our customers. We know just like wood; people have their own narrative to tell. Moments are more influential than seconds and minutes on your watch, so your watch should tell more than just time. Woodish cares about your stories and empowers people to bring each of those stories on all adventures with the option to engrave your wooden watches. Truly making each watch completely unique, down to the feelings and emotions. 

With an unwavering dedication to sustainability, unparalleled designs, and people, Woodish has risen to be a world-class creator of wood products by combining the unique journeys of our customers, and outdoors.