You may not be able to return the wooden watch if it’s been engraved

It may sound strange but yes – digital watches can be encased in a wooden body as well. It may be an unexpected combination and definitely one that’s sure to start a lot of conversation. The natural aesthetic of wood and the modern look of a digital watch isn’t a combination that you see every day, making this a special type of wood watch.

However, from a mechanical standpoint, there’s nothing in a wood watch that prevents the mechanism of a digital watch from working properly. If the face of the digital watch and the color plus design of the wood match well with one another, they can make for a special combination.

Engraving Your Wood Watch

Most wooden watches can be engraved, depending on your retailer and the specific design of the watch. This allows you to truly customize your watch and make it your own. This also makes a wood watch an excellent gift for a special person in your life.

In general, the engraving is done on the back of the wood watch, giving you a large surface area to have your special words imprinted. However, some designs allow you to have the engraving on the clock face or along the edge of the watch.

Wood Watches for Men and Women

Wood watches look stunning in both masculine and feminine designs and are a beautiful choice for anyone.

Wood watches for men and for women can be made from a large variety of wood types in a variety of different styles and designs. As with traditional watches, wood watches for women are generally smaller and lighter with narrow designs. Wood watches for men, on the other hand, are bigger and rounder.

Of course, these are just general guidelines but as with all things fashion, there really aren’t any rules nowadays.

Where to Buy Wood Watches

You’ll find many specialist wood watch stores on the internet, and these are great places to take your search. Always check whether the retailer is trustworthy and look into their track record. Customer reviews and returns policy are a must check prior to purchase.

We also recommend searching on internet as there is a wide range of wood watches to suit all budgets and styles. Communicate clearly with the seller to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

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