Wood watches may seem like a strange idea at first because of how unorthodox they are

But they’ve actually proven to be a great and practical concept. First introduced as a purely stylish choice, wooden watches have proven to be a viable alternative to watches made from other materials such as metals or silicone.

And no, the watch’s internal mechanisms are not made out of wood – to function properly they are made out of the same metal materials as regular watches. It’s the casing of the watch, as well the wristband, that’s made of wood.

You can easily find a wooden watch that will go with your preferred clothing style, and if you make sure to buy a wood watch of a high enough quality, you can be surprised by its durability.

In this quick, common sense guide, we take a look at the most important considerations before you buy a wood watch.

Wood watches are undeniably classy!

There are a number of pros and cons to wood watches, so let’s take a quick look at them:

Pros of Wood Watches


Wood watches are significantly cheaper than metal ones.

Eco-friendly Wooden Watches

Depending on the wood they are made out of, wood watches can be very eco-friendly. Many of the bigger brands in the wood watch industry are known for committing great efforts to replanting forests so that they can counteract any negative effect of their business model. Even when they don’t, however, a wooden watch is always eco-friendlier than a metal one.

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