What You Need to Know About Tungsten Rings for Men in South Africa 2023

Tungsten rings are an increasingly sought-after choice. If you're considering a tungsten wedding ring, here’s what you need to know.

Tungsten: What Is It?

Tungsten is an intriguing, normally happening brilliant dark metal. It can be finished in a variety of other colors, including black, rose gold, or blue, in jewelry. After diamonds, tungsten is the second hardest material. It's very sturdy, pursuing it a particularly famous decision for men's wedding ring. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any other metal. Additionally, it is extremely affordable and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for your wedding ring.

How does tungsten carbide work?

It is very difficult to make jewelry from tungsten alone. Tungsten carbide is a compound that consolidates carbon with tungsten. When carbon is added to tungsten, the metal becomes stronger and easier to shape into rings. Tungsten carbide is still hypoallergenic.

While most tungsten rings are tungsten carbide, diamond setters will frequently depict their rings as tungsten just to keep things basic. Before making a purchase, speak with your jeweler if you are interested in learning more about the tungsten ring you are considering.

Can rings made of tungsten be resized?

The fact that tungsten rings cannot be resized is one of their drawbacks. They are too difficult to resize because they are so hard. Fortunately, if you buy a tungsten wedding ring from WoodishSA and need a different size within the first year, we will exchange it for free once.

Does it rust?

Rings made of tungsten won't rust or tarnish. This makes them a better choice for some people than white gold rings, which look similar but need to be replated over time.

What is tungsten's strength?

Tungsten is the most grounded normal metal, so your tungsten ring won't break.

Could Tungsten Wedding rings Be Cut Off?

In the event of crisis, tungsten wedding rings can be taken out - be that as it may, they are normally broken off as opposed to cut off. Despite the fact that tungsten is areas of strength for extremely's, additionally exceptionally fragile.

How much are rings made of tungsten?

Wedding rings made of tungsten typically cost very little. A straightforward tungsten wedding ring will set you back about R900. A cost comparison of tantalum, 14kt white gold, and platinum 6mm wedding rings is provided below.

It's comparable in appearance to platinum or white gold however is a lot of spending plan more amicable.

Can rings made of tungsten be engraved?

Indeed, tungsten rings can be engraved. Laser engraving is typically used to engrave tungsten because it is the most efficient method for engraving such a tough metal.

How to Clean Tungsten Wedding Bands Fortunately, tungsten wedding bands can be easily cleaned using common household items. Simply scrub the ring with a toothbrush or cloth after dilution with warm water of a few drops of mild dish soap. You can pat it down with a material to dry it. You should never clean your ring above an open drain because you don't want to lose it by accident!

Well known Styles

Considering what kinds of tungsten wedding rings individuals are looking for?

These are the most-looked through tungsten wedding rings.

Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

Black wedding bands give off a striking and contemporary appearance. For men, black wedding rings are extremely popular choices.

Tungsten Jewel Wedding rings

Jewels don't simply have a place in gold or platinum - they can be set in tungsten too. Obviously, a tungsten precious stone wedding ring will cost somewhat in excess of a basic tungsten wedding ring.

Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding rings

This special, warm tone is a beautiful decision for your wedding ring. A wedding band in rose gold is a great option if you want something that will stand out from the rest.

Looking for tungsten wedding ring?

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