Types of wooden watches are actually worth buying?

Wooden watches were old fashion but as always history repeat itself again watched made by wood is in trend now. You’ve probably seen ads for them follow you around Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Many of these companies are fantastic at digital marketing.
When it comes to wooden watches, there are a couple of different types that I tend to see. You’ve got the watches where the vast majority of their construction is purely created of wood. You’ve also got brands making watches where their construction incorporates both wood and other materials like stainless-steel to form the basis of the creation. In reality some are far better than others; however the marketing makes it clear that these sorts of watches are really intended to be fashion accessories, rather than any sort of horological collectors’ piece.

Most Frequently asked question about Wooden Watches over internet

Are Wooden watches any good?

As we mentioned, even though a good and well-maintained wood watch can last for over a decade, they are still not as durable as metal watches. As cheap as wood is, some manufacturers still resort to its even cheaper faux wood alternatives such as plastic imitations. This gives you low quality and durability

Are Wooden watches waterproof?

One of the most asked questions about wood watches is whether they are water proof. Frankly, no watch made with wood components is completely waterproof. Wood is an organic medium that reacts to water. Wood watches do not have an acrylic or resin coating which could prevent the wood from reacting to water.

What is a Bobo Bird?

BOBO BIRD is a Brand of designing natural solid wood watches for men and women. BOBO BIRD is a manufaturer for providing bamboo and wood watch and sunglasses for you, We accpet OEM and engrave personal logo.

Are Bobo Bird watches waterproof?

BOBO BIRD watches are considered to be splash proof. Normal wear and use can include kitchen activities, a day on the beach, the gym, etc. However, full submergence in water is not recommended both for the integrity of the movement and the wood itself.

What is a wooden timepiece?

A wood watch is a timepiece which incorporates wood into the design. The casing and sometimes the strap is made from wood. The internal watch mechanism is much the same as a conventional watch. Wood has been used to make things since human beings first started making tools. It's a sustainable and versatile material.
The packaging these wooden watches are supplied with are unusual and quite nice. Each comes in a magnetic bamboo box that matches the theme of the brand really well. While I’m unsure how functional this would actually be as a daily storage solution, it’s nice that some effort has been put into this area, so I figured it was worth highlighting.

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