Reason for Wearing a Wooden Watch Fashion trends frequently change, but not always.

Some of these fashions survive the test of time and become our new go-tos. Wooden watches are quickly moving into this category. However, are you still not convinced to board this train yet? Continue reading to learn six benefits of wearing a wooden watch.

  1. Wooden Watches Looks Smart

In a period contained cell phones and sharp layered road wear, moderate style is the new consideration grabber. With their predominantly wood constructions, natural wood tones, and straightforward watch faces, wooden watches easily fit this description. Even the more technologically advanced chronograph watch remains simplistic, a stark contrast to the sophisticated smartwatches on the wrists of most people today.

However, their simplicity is only one aspect of their appeal. In their own right, wood watches are stunning timepieces that should be included in any accessory collection. They have a style that is both casual and sophisticated at the same time, and their warm, rich colors only get better with time.

Wood watches are well-suited for the job if you want something that will attract attention wherever you go—the office, the store, or a club. Bonus? So that your partner doesn't feel left out, you can find many wood watches that match.

  1. They Are Sustainable Despite the fact that not all watches or watch brands are following suit, an increasing number of people are becoming environmentally conscious. Fortunately wood watches are.

The majority of wooden watches, including ours at Urban Designer, use reclaimed wood and other responsibly sourced materials rather than fresh lumber. As a result, there will be fewer negative effects on the environment and you will have a sustainable product you can be proud of.

  1. Wooden Watches Stand-out

One of the most incredible motivations to wear a wooden watch is that no two will at any point be something very similar. Because the natural wood used to make each watch is different, each one is unique.

Therefore, even if you observe another individual wearing the same watch, the grain, color, and texture will never be identical. Our wood watches, like yours, are truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. This holds true even more as you wear it.

Why? Well, because the time changes our wooden watches! The natural skin oils and friction that occur over time will alter the watch's natural materials as you wear it. It will acquire a shine that no other type of polish can match, as well as a smoother texture and more vibrant colors.

Your wooden watch basically adapts to the way you wear it. Do you know of any other watches with that capability?

  1. Because of this customization, wood grain watches are excellent heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

While other watches age and become dull, scratched, or uncomfortable to wear, our wooden watches simply improve with age! With each wear, their colors become deeper and more comfortable. They are excellent for sharing with others because of this.

However, their ability to tell a story makes them exceptional heirlooms. They tell the stories of everyone who has worn it in the past. The variety, the imprints, and the patina are the consequence of a watch very much worn and an everyday routine very much experienced.

However, these wooden watches don't just tell the story of one wearer; rather, they tell the story of everyone who wears them, evolving and changing with them. What could be preferable over that?

  1. Another great feature of natural wooden watches is They look great and feel great on your skin thanks to their natural, hypoallergenic construction. All things considered, who necessities skin aggravation destroying your day?

As a result, people who have skin sensitivities will appreciate wooden watches. However, their natural construction is also beneficial for everyone else due to its smoother feel and reduced pinching compared to many metal watches.

An appealing perk: Natural materials help us stay grounded and connect with our surroundings. A wooden watch is a nice way to remember our roots in a world where everything is made of plastic or steel.

  1. Since they can be engraved, did the other reasons for wearing a wooden watch convince you? Indeed, this could sell you on why you ought to get one for others to wear.

Dissimilar to certain metals and different materials, wood is effortlessly engraved to making wooden watches a phenomenal gift for others. Are you looking for unique watches for him and her? Are you looking for a present for your partner or perhaps a parent? Look no further.

Fortunately, you can also engrave a picture on wood—a picture is worth a thousand words. Simply send us an image via email and allow us two to four business days for us to process your request for watch engraving at Urban Designer.

We are confident that both the gift recipient and you will share even more reasons why you should try wood grain watches once you receive the finished product.

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