How to Care for a Wooden Watches?

Wooden Watches

With reasonable care, you can keep your wooden watch beautiful and in working condition for a long time.

Many wooden watches today are waterproof, so check with your retailer about this. However, in general, it’s best to keep any wooden accessories away from water, especially from complete submersion. If you don’t swim, shower, sweat, or walk in the rain with your wooden watches, as well as if you protect it from insect wooden pests, there’ll be little more to worry about. Always take off your wood watches when engaging in such activities.

Also, keep your wooden watches away from harmful chemicals as this can break down the finish of the watch and damage the wood.

Keep your wood watch free from dirt and dust to ensure that it looks its best. If dirty, you can gently wipe the beautiful watch with a damp cloth, and dry immediately.

You can also use a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice, in equal parts, and then wipe gently with a q-tip or soft cloth. This will remove stains and dirt on the watch while maintaining its shine and luster. Make sure you wipe the watch off thoroughly afterwards.

 Always store your luxurious wooden watch carefully, as it can get damaged if pressure is put on it. Wrap in a soft cloth and place in a jewelry box or pouch and keep in a safe area.

Types of Wood Used for Wooden Watches

There are multiple types of wood that can be used for a wooden watches. The type of wood plays a role for the watch to be as durable and long-lasting as possible. Aside from that, however, the color, grain, and texture of the different types of wood are the main criteria which will influence how you choose your future wooden watches.

Wooden Watches Prices

The price of wooden watch is among their best benefits. Many people tend to think that wooden watches are extremely expensive, because they’re made of wood.

But in reality, wooden watch are significantly cheaper than their metal counterparts. You can very easily find a high-quality wooden watches in the 2-digit price range as well as luxury wooden watch that don’t go above the 3-digit price range. In comparison, metal watch of the same quality can cost hundreds of dollars.

The average wooden watches costs about R999 but you can find beautiful pieces for just over R1099 as well. This makes wooden watch perfect to easily get a chic, unique and stylish look without breaking the bank.

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