Engraving Most Eco-Friendly Wooden Watch 2023 in South Africa

Whether you’re a watch connoisseur or just appreciate a little something with a bit of extra style attached around your wrist, it can be hard to stay updated on the latest and greatest trends – not to mention all the jargon commonly attached. (What even are indices or escapements anyway?) They come and go so quickly; you’re forgiven for being out of the loop. We’re here to help you get back in it, though, and explain 2023’s latest trend. What is it? Eco-friendly skeleton watches made from wood.

What is a Skeleton Watch?

So, those are certainly some words, but what do they mean? What exactly is a wooden watch? Basically, it’s a type of watch invented in the late 1700s by French watchmaker André-Charles Caron. Unlike other watches you might be more familiar with, this one has some see-through bits, allowing certain components inside the watch to be visible. Pretty simple, yeah? The point is to show off all those intricate, impressive moving parts and enabling you to watch how your timepiece operates in real-time.

This is typically done by stripping the watch face down to its most basic components or by almost stripping it away in its entirety, leaving only the outer glass casing, clock hands, and numbering behind. Although, sometimes wooden watches have other variations, providing transparent windows on the back of the watch or cutouts elsewhere to show smaller sections of the watch’s movement rather than the entirety of its inner workings. None of these options provide any alteration to how the watch functions or is used. However, it can make for a very different aesthetic depending on what you choose, ranging from something more industrial-inspired to almost steampunk-y or sophisticated with a slight edge.

Why WoodishSA’s are the Way to Go

Skeleton watches are an exciting style choice – one that ensures you never just fade into the background of a crowd. But there are still plenty of people happy with the design they come to expect. Why should you give ones with visible skeletons a try? And beyond that, why should you opt for ours at WoodishSA over the competition? Here are a few reasons why they’re the way to go.

Unique Design Wood Watches that Stands out

Visible gears and all manner of exposed mechanical internals always make for a strong statement, but our eco-friendly engraved wood watches make an even bigger impact. Instead of just mindlessly showcasing its inner workings to hike up the price or act as a novelty, this is instead done thoughtfully to enhance the overall design rather than compensate for it. All of our takes on this historical but edgy design lean into the latter of these two, using combinations of both dark and light wood, high-polish silver tones, chunky bodies, sharp lines, and modern numbering. The end result is not conventional watches with out-of-place gears, but something unique, current, and ultra-trendy.

No Battery Needed

Besides the apparent style component, there is one aspect to our wooden skeleton watches that makes them better functionality-wise. There’s no battery needed! And since they ditch the quartz-movement that’s so common in other watches, these wooden accessories also don’t plaque you with that annoying “ticking” sound that tends to drive people crazy. It’s a win-win in the end, quieter, more energetically efficient, and still incredibly easy to use. Before wearing it, simply wind it up ten times or more to initially power it and go about your day. It will charge up all by itself after that, leaving you without annoying battery changes or worries of it dying anytime soon.

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