Buying Handcrafted Wooden Watch For Luxury

Style enthusiasts of today are conscious about their investment & the environment. They value timekeeping and understand the scarcity of resources, so wearing a handcrafted wooden watch adds to their lifestyle.

The current makers of the Wooden Watches are also increasing, creating a competitive market for consumers. The primary reasons why we presently see such accelerated growth is uniqueness and responsibility. Everyone wants to appear different, and everyone wants to sustain the environment.

Leaning onto such reason, the wooden watch industry further created masterful timepieces that can suit men & women.

Picking Wooden Watches for Men and Women

Selling anything is best done online in order for it to reach maximum people. Thus, finding a Wooden Wrist watch for Sale online could easily provide you with good deals on fine timepieces. Here’s what you should be familiar with when looking for your first set of Wooden WristWatches to own:

  • Type of Wood
  • Refinement
  • Movement

Type Of Wood

Among the different Wooden Wristwatch for Sale Online that you may find, pay attention to their make in terms of wood. Yes, the wood used will naturally diversify the appearance and texture of your wooden wristwatch.

Anything made from other than Oak, Mahogany, Pine, Ebony, Walnut and Sandalwood should not be bought, even when it comes diamond-studded.


Crafting a Wooden Watch can be mighty difficult, especially on its base. Though excellent woodwork carving artists can fix some chinks for you, a masterful artist will take care of all the refinement. See if your wooden watch is correctly moulded and retained against the agents of nature and errors of mankind.


A typically exquisite Wooden Watch, made for either men or women, offers quartz movement or the Japanese Miyota movement. So if you read a watch offering anything other than this, run. Sure, the market is indeed little in terms of offered movement for wooden wrist watches. But, it makes up for it with the vivid designs and contrasting colour tones.

Wooden Watches: Avoid These Mistakes

Be it a Wooden Wrist Watches South Africa retailer or a known Wooden Watch seller, avoid these purchase pitfalls:

  • How light is too light?

Anything that makes you forget you’re wearing a watch is too light.

  • Pseudonymous Retailers

No, Samuel Colt was a gunmaker. They certainly don’t make Wooden Watches, at least in the current universe.

  • In the Woods

There are plenty of watches made up of synthetic wood to offer them an ostentatious appearance. As unnatural as they are, it’s anybody’s guess how good they can be, even individual pieces apart.

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