Affordable Wood Watches that Will Instantly Up Your Summer Style

Wooden WristWatches in South Africa
The novel coronavirus has left our communities ravaged and worried, but things are slowly improving thanks to important protective measures like wearing masks, maintaining distance from others, staying home, and staying on top of hand washing. There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding what a socially distanced summer will pan out, but we still have sunny days and warm weather to look forward to. Warm summer days also means that it is time to play with all sorts of playful seasonal jewelry. Wood watches are some of the best among these. Want a little help choosing the piece best for you? Here are 5 affordable options that will instantly up your summer style.

Swiss Wooden Watch For Men With Sapphire Face

For a summery vibe with a little added prep, this Urban Designer watch is just what you’re looking for. With a light and natural bamboo wood wristwatch, it feels appropriately beachy and airy – which will give anything you wear a seasonal vibe. Meanwhile, the soft sapphire blue face makes the watch classic, ensuring you can easily wear it all year long, during the weekday or the weekend, and hanging by the grill or working hard at the office. The ultra-smooth wooden materials help here too, providing a comfortable wear and fit you’ll want to wear day after day. Luckily, daily wear actually makes the watch look better and better, helping it develop a nice sheen and a richer, more complex patina that no new wood watch can rival.

Tungsten Ring for men

Volcano Chronograph Wood Watch

Looking for more of a sleek and modern summer wear? This men's Volcano wood grain chronograph watch has your back. Or in this case, your wrist. It features a masculine and elegant combination of brushed stainless steel and natural zebra wood to create an all-around attractive wooden watch. Not only is it attractive, though, it is also incredibly practical. Naturally splash and rain resistant, you’ll be plenty protected when those surprise summer storms head your way. This wooden watch is also extremely durable and scratchproof so you can play as hard this summer as you usually work.

Bobo-Bird Zebra Wooden Watch

This gorgeous Bobo Bird timepiece is ideal for anyone wanting something softer and more natural. Its main body and band is comprised of 100 percent sustainable wood, helping your up your summer style while lowering your environmental impact. That’s right – no trees were harmed in the making of this wood watch. This focus on high-quality natural materials also extends to the watch’s real white marble face, which makes the watch elegantly minimal and perfect for men and women alike. Want to remember this summer for years to come? Opt for the special engraving and engrave it with a special message, dates, coordinates, or something else that will remind you of the awesome experiences you’ve had.

Modern Best Wood Watch For Women

Sometimes, you need a little color in your life and summer wardrobe. This unique women’s wood watch supplies this in spades with an ultra-colorful wood face that guarantees a fun and free look perfect for the season. The triangle shape also gives an additional whimsey that will help you stand out from any crowd – even the ones you’re supposed to be staying away from! Worried it will be too over the top? Don’t be. The watch makes good use of a classic brown leather strap to keep it both classic, unique, and easy to wear. In the event that you aren’t happy with your purchase, though, we do offer a generous and easy return policy, so you will always get what you want and nothing you don’t. See more >> womens wooden watches.

wristwatch for men and women

Men's Ebony Wooden Watch

While lighter colors and unique designs make for great summer wear, something a little darker can be a great way to add style, too. For those that would rather go this direction, this dark wood watch is probably your perfect fit. Crafted with dark ebony wood, black genuine leather, and vibrant red accents, this wooden watch is a minimalist accessory that adds a stylish touch to your look. It’s not just great for you, though. This watch also makes for an ideal Father’s Day present. Modern but traditional, simple but stylish, it makes for jewelry that even the pickiest dads can appreciate. Want to really wow him? Buy it on a sale. Then he’ll be impressed with your shopping skills and taste.

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